FC Barcelona




The integrated campaign that helped revive a football club

Barça is famed around the world for being More Than a Club. There are many reasons for this, including its particular playing style, its focus on different sports, its unique ownership model, its commitment to youth football through La Masia, its promotion of women’s football, its support for social causes channeled through the Barça Foundation, its ongoing quest for innovation and its conviction with regard to the upholding of certain values – not to mention is close associations to the city of Barcelona and the Catalan nation.

We launched the ‘MORE THAN’ campaign, whereby the famous motto will be reimagined to highlight how Barça is More than winning or losing, because winning with its own playing style is just as important as mere victory, More than talent, in allusion to La Masia, a school that offers 360º training both in sport and life skills, More than Empowerment as it has been promoting women’s sport since 1970, More than 11 players because of all the adults and children who form part of its charity programs around the world to help build a better society, More than goals, because the club plays other sports that aren’t necessarily about scoring ‘goals’… and the campaign is also a reference to the difficult times that the club has also had to battle through, to the voices of the fans and members as expressed at the stadium and in the ballot boxes, to the club’s past and future as a club that embraces universal values and openness, and which is bigger than any single person after years of persistence, dedication and healthy ambition.



by Ale Burset